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Blog Rules

Colonic Today (aka Lifetime Health & Consulting, LLC), is hosting this neutral forum where a wide range of participants can post and discuss issues, link to relevant items on the Internet, make others aware of important industry developments and share and learn from each others experiences.

Colonic Today’s goal is to promote collaboration and innovation amongst colon therapist, the medical community and manufacturers in an appropriate manner taking account of anti-trust and competitive issues.

In order to achieve this goal, all participants of Colonic Today are required to remain in compliance of the following terms and conditions:

  1.     Illegal content - Do not post any defamatory, libelous, vulgar, obscene, abusive, profane, threatening, hateful, racial, ethnic, or otherwise offensive and illegal information/material.
  2.     Copyright - Do not post any information or other material protected by copyright without the permission of the copyright owner.
  3.     Infringement - Do not use any words, logos or other marks that would infringe upon the trademark, service mark, certification mark, or other intellectual property rights of owners from such marks without permission.
  4.      Confidential - Do not post any confidential information or any information that would infringe upon the proprietary, privacy or personal rights of others.
  5.      Viruses - Do not post, upload, email or otherwise transmit any material containing software viruses or other computer code/files designed to interrupt, harm, delete, or otherwise interfere with the functionality of computer software, hardware or telecommunications equipment.
  6.      Misrepresentation - Do not manipulate identifiers in your post in an attempt to disguise, impersonate, or otherwise misrepresent your identity or affiliation with any other person or entity.

In the event that any participant fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions, such participant may be denied the right to further access and participate in the Colonic Today blog.


Colonic Today reserves the right, but not the obligation, to monitor this blog for inappropriate postings, but does not undertake editorial control of postings or comments. However, in the event that any inappropriate posting or unauthorized use of this blog is brought to Colonic Today’s attention, including but not limited to prohibited posting and usage as outlined herein, Colonic Today reserves the right to terminate, without prior notice, blog access of any user who does not abide by these guidelines. During monitoring, postings may be examined, recorded, copied, censored, deleted, or used for authorized purposes. Use of the blog, authorized or unauthorized, constitutes consent to such monitoring.  Colonic Today reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue this blog with or without notice, and shall not be liable to any party for such modification, suspension, or discontinuance. 


The posting party grants Colonic Today a non-exclusive, irrevocable license to display, copy, publish, distribute, transmit and print such information or material without payment to the posting party. 


By using this blog, you agree to indemnify and hold Colonic Today, its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents and employees harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any party due to or arising from use, posting, or your violation of other’s rights within this blog. 

Commercial Use

Commercial use or any other unauthorized use of this blog is prohibited. All postings shall be of an informational nature and for informational purposes only.

  •       Do not use this blog to solicit or conduct business, including the direct or indirect marketing of users' products or services, in any manner.
  •       This blog may not be used to provide information, materials, products, or services in exchange for compensation of any kind.

Antitrust Laws

This blog shall not be utilized in any manner that violates federal or state antitrust laws or other laws prohibiting anticompetitive practices. The antitrust laws generally prohibit any agreement or understanding inconsistent with the right and obligation of competitors to exercise independent business judgment in pricing their products or services, dealing with their customers and suppliers, and selecting the markets in which to compete. No express agreement or understanding is required; one can be inferred from statements or conduct.

  •       Do not post any information regarding specific prices or fees charged or paid, and do not post any information concerning prices, pricing practices, discounts, or other terms or conditions of sale either obtained by or offered to another entity.
  •       Do not post any information concerning market shares, salaries, costs, sales territories, profit margins, or encouraging the selection or rejection of customers or suppliers.