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Colonic Today is a subsidiary of Lifetime Health & Consulting, LLC (LHC).  LHC was established in 1992, for purposes of providing Holistic Health Services to individuals seeking adjunct therapies for assistance with healing.

After working with many clients, LHC realized there was a disconnect between the medical community and the alternative health industry, specifically Colon Hydrotherapy.  Many clients would communicate a desire to relay benefits of colonic therapy to providers by asking for additional, scientifically proven information.  Others sought physician approval, without success, after experiencing medical relief from a series of treatments.  Lastly, one LHC client stated, in tears, “My doctor won’t listen to me” regarding her health improvements after colonic therapy treatments. 

It became obvious that additional steps must be taken to reduce the communication gap for benefit of the client. The final push to publish a trade journal was based on a December 2008, report compiled by the National Institute of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), which is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), revealing CAM usage amongst Americans. The report noted frequency of CAM use and defined terms related to CAM, yet colon hydrotherapy was missing. The report also pointed to a decrease in CAM usage for stomach and intestinal illnesses.  The inclusion of colon hydrotherapy in this statistical report could have made a significant data difference.  Thus, the need to publish a trade journal representative of the industry was finalized in January 2010.  Colonic Today is committed to fostering collaborative relationships within the medical community.  

The Colonic Today website seeks to fulfill the following goals:

  •             Support the efficacy of colon hydrotherapy
  •             Report monthly industry news
  •             Offer colon therapists, medical providers and manufacturer profiles
  •             Present featured articles about the industry
  •             Provide an extensive and searchable archive of previously published content
  •             Generate poll questions, blogs, interviews, essays
  •            Introduce a monthly guest columnist
  •            Elicit blog opinions from readers


If we are to…

    •            become a respected profession
    •            collaborate with the medical community
    •            provide an effective, complementary therapy
    •            show industry relevance in the health care system
    •            convey modality impact on economic revenue 

                            … then we must paint a professional picture of our industry. 


Colonic Today is about YOU, the colon therapist and medical community!  Please commit to the following steps:

  •             Take inventory of who you are and who you know
  •             Make suggestions of people who deserve to be profiled in this journal
  •            Provide beneficial business tips which have helped your practice grow
  •             Submit verifiable industry articles supporting the mission and goals of Colonic Today

  •            Advertise products that would benefit the clients of all colon therapists
  •             Donate to causes that enhance the entire industry; if one state or country receives licensing then everyone benefits in the long run
  •            List your practice on the site to increase your business  clientele
  •            Encourage other practitioners and medical providers to list their practices for therapists and clients seeking provider prescriptions
  •            List continuing education courses yielding continuing education units (CEUs) to help therapists worldwide maintain their licensing and certifications
  •             Motivate effective seminar/course facilitators to apply for CEU provider status with all industry organizations
  •            Continue to keep the health benefits of each client at the forefront of your minds
  •            Maintain a mindset of achieving and maintaining winning relationships with industry participants and collaborators working toward societal health

 If you wish to view a sample issue of Colonic Today, click here.  Enjoy!